Intensely Inquisitive

The podcast that searches for answers to life’s big and not so big questions, from a different perspective. Host Orion Kelly is proudly Autistic and his naturally inquisitive style produces raw and captivating listening.

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Wednesday May 01, 2019

*WARNING contains strong language and content that may offend. On this episode of 'Intensely Inquisitive' Orion is joined by Aussie radio legend Bernie Brittain. The episode explores the medium of radio and asks the question, how can radio survive in an online and on demand era? Plus Bernie shares personal stories from his time working with some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Wednesday Apr 03, 2019

On this episode of ‘Intensely Inquisitive’ Orion is joined by Zara & Troy from Great Talk. The episode explores humour and asks the question, is there an epidemic of over seriousness in the world? Plus, Zara & Troy open up about their time doing breakfast radio and why it ended.

Friday Mar 01, 2019

On this episode of 'Intensely Inquisitive' Orion is joined by Dietitian Vanessa Drew to explore the question, do fad diets really work and are they good for you.

Tuesday Feb 12, 2019

On this episode of Intensely Inquisitive Orion is joined by Dr Zareh Ghazarian to explore what’s happening to democracy and mainstream political parties. And ask why are mainstream politicians failing to connect with voters?

Tuesday Jan 08, 2019

On the debut episode of 'Intensely Inquisitive' Orion is joined by his wife Renee to explore the question why don't we talk about miscarriage and dying more openly. Renee has experienced multiple miscarriages, one of which almost killed her. The incredible story of her near-death experience must be heard to be believed.


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